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Improving Your Rhetorical Knowledge

In ancient Greece and Rome, rhetoric was considered part of the trivium, or the three main courses of study for ambitious young men. It remained popular until the Middle Ages, after which it gradually ceased to be a requirement for students. This is ironic, considering how important being a good speaker continues to be to…

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Writers Lost and Found: Somerset Maugham

Partridge Singapore recognises that many writers who have been successful in the past unfortunately no longer receive proper attention. However, we believe that every successful writer is worth examining. With this in mind, today we begin a series called “Writers: Lost and Found”, with the aim of reviving interest in these authors and showing why…

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Partridge Singapore presents Differences between American and British Literature, Part 2

Partridge Singapore continues with its comparisons of American and British literature, and today focuses on different approaches to morality and style. Morality and Social Decency The American sense of morality in literature is stern and religious. This stems from its early settlers, who were Puritans and whose Calvinistic doctrines permeate US culture to this very…

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