Writing regimens for busy people

Partridge Singapore understands that few of us are in a situation to be full-time writers. But we want to get that book written! Fortunately there are some simple methods to adopt that can help you to get your book done, from start to finish, in a reasonable amount of time. So here are some pieces of advice on writing regimens.

First and foremost, you have to write every day — even if you feel that you are not in the mood and will produce low-quality writing or complete rubbish! The reason is that writing is a pursuit that requires momentum. You will notice that the more you write, the more it becomes a habit.

Stephen King

Daily word count. This sounds much worse than it is. Stephen King writes somewhere between 2000 and 3000 per day — but first of all, that is Stephen King, and second, he is a full-time writer with plenty of time to write. So how many words is it reasonable for you to do each day? Well, let’s look at the numbers. A page of a book with normal dimensions consists of 400 words, give or take 20.  Hence, a 200-page book consists of 80,000 words.

Now, 400 words is not a lot. It is basically three to four paragraphs of moderate length. That is to say, it is something that can be accomplished every day, especially on every working day. If you also give yourself a requirement of 1200 words on both Saturday and Sunday, it means you will be writing 11 pages per week. Within five months, you’ll have reached your word count and can then start editing. And this is if you just keep to the minimum each day, while you will probably exceed it – especially once you get the momentum going.

Partridge Singapore trusts this helps

Partridge Singapore will be back with Part 2 of this article on writing regimens, in which we discuss further ways of getting your book fully written. In the meantime, check out the Partridge Singapore site for more advice, as well as our Partridge Singapore Facebook and Partridge Singapore Twitter pages.

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