Gogo Sof’s inspiring book, “The Iron Spirit”

Partridge Singapore’s Gogo Sof tells readers about her inspirational book, The Iron Spirit. In addition to being an author, Gogo Sof is also an athlete, having won several races and competed in a number of triathlons.

In The Iron Spirit, I share my challenges in life: from physical to career and family to self-worth and faith. For many years, I struggled to overcome the confusion, repressed anger, and frustration at the choices I made in my life.


Front cover Gogo SofThe Iron Spirit chronicles my challenges and opportunities in life, and despite being as an overweight and overstressed working professional, the world of sports – from running to swimming to cycling and triathlon – seems to offer me a gift I longed for: a pursuit of excellence and a story that moves me forward as it reveals the truth about human life.


My book aims at helping readers to find their own Iron Spirit, with life’s haunting legacy of love, loss and acceptance, and to move forward in life and make a positive difference in the world.


Who is the author “behind” the book?


Based on more than ten countries I have visited over the decade – as well as interesting conversations with more than a hundred of family members, friends, racing mates, colleagues and mere aquaintances – this book, The Iron Spirit, chronicles the challenges and opportunities in life, and intense and determined personality of a working professional whose passion for growth and pursuit of excellence moves her forward in life: the world of sports from running to swimming to cycling and triathlon. Since I made my commitment to my colleague to finish a race in 2005, I have moved on to win several races and completed a series of triathlons.


With a love of developing organisations and individuals, I have actively worked with organisations in terms of corporate strategies and implementation of operational plans. Among many other things, I also helped build and develop content management in services of companies.


An avid meditator, I joined the literary world with this newly released book, The Iron Spirit, and continue to help students, youths, friends, and even adults to love and believe in themselves. I established myself as an athlete who focuses on consistency, possesses mental tenacity and deals with adversity and every opportunity with a positive outcome. This helps them manage their challenges, and contribute to the communities by embarking on their personal or group projects with deep and lasting impact.


I now share the best out of myself to see people getting fit and ready both their mind and their body in what their lives going to dish out in front of them, reach their full potential, and redefining their boundaries as an athlete and as a person.


Inspirations for The Iron Spirit

With various people in my life who have witnessed my growth as being part of resilience as a youth and my success in the pursuit of excellence in the sport of running, swimming, running, and triathlons, there is a handful of amateurs and athletes alike who suggested me to share my experiences and writing a book.

Sharing my personal story and journey has long been a dream. I always have a love of developing organisations and individuals, so a book to inspire sport enthusiasts and people who are looking for some inspiration in life is a perfect start. During uncertain times in any part of the world like this, I could share my personal account of simple solutions to the problems and issues that often held us back, especially for those intimate challenges which not many people in this world will be open to disclose.


What is the one message you would like to convey your readers about your book?

Dig deep to look for your “Iron Spirit” – The light that burns in you that will never go out no matter how dark the world becomes.


Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

I will be having my book launch (closed event) in Singapore on 30 July. Any updates about my book will be shared on social media and website.


What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

Appreciating those consultants who really read and understand my write-ups so that the draft they produced would make sense.


Congratulations to Gogo Sof, and we look forward to seeing her next inspiring book!


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