Priya Raja tells Partridge Singapore about her new book, “Bridging the Gap”

Partridge Singapore’s Priya Raja tells us about her new book, Bridging the Gap, and the next steps in her journey as an author.

priya-raja-front-coverPlease briefly describe your book . . .

The title of my book is Bridging the Gap. It is a book about the flaws of the education system and how it lacks the element of spirituality.


I further discuss spiritual concepts that are practical to use and tailor ways on how it could infuse into the education system to make learning for students a more meaningful and enriching experience.


priya-raja-picWho is the author “behind” the book?

I am a 21-year old who two years ago was confused and tormented on a path to ‘success’ by well-meaning people. I was depressed and had to find a better way. Hence I pursued the studies of psychology and started travelling. I learned so much during my travel days, and it helped me escape from a limiting bubble that I was in to realise the true essence of life and why we were put on this earth. I share more of the following in my book.


What inspired you to write your book and how long did it take you to finish it?

I will have to credit self-help and personal growth books to have inspired me to write this book. I have always turned to them amidst troubles, and they have guided me to become wiser. It took me two years to complete it.

My literary influences will have to include Rhonda Byrne, Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani and Richard Branson. All of these brilliant individuals have helped me to dream bigger and share my story in hopes to inspire others.


All of these brilliant individuals have helped me to dream bigger and share my story in hopes to inspire others.


What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

The one message will be that authentic learning often takes place beyond the confined four walls. Despite what society tells us, you can forge your own path that could lead to greatness, love and light.


Are you working on a sequel?

No. I will be working on a book about health instead.


Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

To promote Bridging the Gap, I will be holding a book launch together with TEDxPickeringStreet that my friend is organising. I also aim to promote them on my social media platforms and website.


What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

My favourite part of my publishing experience will be to see the fruit of the labour. The feeling of holding a physical copy of your hard work is truly rewarding.


What did you think of your Partridge experience?

My Partridge experience has been pretty smooth and meaningful. The team was dedicated to helping me publish my book. I was often away, stuck in between chapters but they were patient and aligned things perfectly.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

My advice will be just to start writing, whether it is on a notebook, Microsoft Word or notes on your iPhone. The act of scripting your thoughts and ideas down is crucial for aspiring authors. Do ask for help if you need and you can find great mentors to assist you along your journey.

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