Tristan Wood is a Winner of 2015 IRDA Award

Partridge Singapore is very pleased to announce that Tristan Wood and the novel The Wanton Life of My Friend Dave are on the list of winners for the IndieReader Discover Awards 2015. The recipients of the award were announced at the 2015 Book Expo America, one of the biggest book trade shows, in New York City. Winners were decided by the IRDA panel of judges, made up of “top people in all areas of the publishing industry,” with the input of IndieReader reviewers. The article and the list of winners can be found here.

What is Tristan Wood’s book about?

The Wanton Life of My Friend DaveIzzy and Dave are just friends. Dave is an incorrigible Lothario. He is a man in search of his heart among the many women that cross his path and sleep in his bed. Izzy is a skeptical clairvoyant. She is a woman lost in her world of secrets, unspeakable ghosts, and intuitive knowledge. Chance brings them together on the other side of the world after an odd encounter that will mark the beginning of their curious dynamic and boundless relation. How wanton can a life be? How deep can a friendship get? How much can you expect from your friends? What if Izzy and Dave aren’t just friends?

What is IndieReader?

IndieReader is an organization centered on independent book publishing. Here authors and readers can buy and sell books, and share and discuss news and opinions about books and the publishing industry. Below is a statement from the IndieReader main website:

“Here at IndieReader, we think that people can decide for themselves, and don’t need the big publishing houses to tell them what they should like.  These books are as singular as our readers. All it takes is a read from you to prove it.” – See more at:


Partridge Singapore wants to congratulate Tristan Wood, with best wishes for more success in the future.


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