Checklist for a Strong-Selling Novel, Part 2

Feb 2

Partridge India continues its checklist to help you compete in a market that is increasingly crowded and competitive.


The right market: In one of our previous posts, Partridge India discussed the five best-selling genres. In case you haven’t read that article – or just to refresh your memory – these genres are: Romance, Crime/Mystery, Self-help, Sci-fi/Fantasy, and Horror. Intertwined with all of these is the Young Adult field. While we of course do not try to confine your writing interests, we do like to inform you of where the money is!


This is a prime example of the type of cover NOT to have!

Thorough, persistent marketing: In addition to targeting the right market, it’s essential to be a diligent marketer. Most books don’t sell themselves, and in self-publishing, authors have to take strong initiative in making people aware of their book and why they should buy it. We are blessed by living in an age in which a great deal of marketing is free and immediate. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media enable you to transmit your message to potential readers in a free and easy manner. Having a website for your book is cheap and serves as a sort of “office” or coffee shop, where you can receive readers. Radio and newspaper are still popular, and can do reviews for you. Don’t be afraid to share parts of your book online or to give free copies to people – just ask the latter to write you a review on Amazon.


Attractive cover: The worst thing you can do to a good book is to dress it in a boring or unattractive cover.  Your cover should be appropriate for your genre, at least somewhat unique, and with clear lettering. Think about the covers that you have liked since you started buying books, and take yourself on a “field trip” to a bookstore to see which covers attract your attention. Above all, a cover should say “Open me” or, even better, “Buy me”!

Partridge India trusts this helps

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— By Thomas McKinley


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