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Jul 7

Partridge India introduces Vasanth Kumar J, author of Till The Last Cut is Delivered…


About Your Book and Yourself

Please briefly describe your book

Till The Last Cut is Delivered... By Vasanth Kumar J‘Till The Last Cut Is Delivered…’ is a collection of select poems that I have written over the last 18 years. It comprises a mix of themes and subjects that focus mainly on the journey than the destination. It stresses on the aspect of being human and absorbing one’s surroundings, dreams and visions, yet not getting caught up in the madness of our current fast life that dictates us. The format of the poems ebb and flow from classical to modern archetypes and stereotypes with the added essence of rhyme, reason, and random, however clichéd it may seem to be. It is an overall reflection of experiences, observations, and perspectives expressed through an art form which is both muse-driven and dream-laden.



Who is the author “behind” the book?

My early childhood experiences in Kuwait, when we were evacuated during the First Gulf War in 1990-91, (I was 7 years old at that time) deeply affected me. I feel this was the first trigger which pushed me to be a spectator and a keen observer of all the events and people that surrounded me. As I absorbed all the good and bad, it wasn’t until the love of poetry, through which I sought my form of expression and absolution.


But my actual journey into creative writing began accidentally through an English Literature homework exercise in class during my school days in 1998-99. During this phase, I was living in Delhi with my grandparents and away from my parents at a very young and crucial age…I was literally discovering myself on my terms (which I later realized, was a blessing).


A playful attempt at writing a verse for that homework exercise caught my attention at the speed and flow in which I could pen a few lines. That was the day that brought me an insurmountable level of joy and triumph…just the realization that it came to me naturally was enough that it spread like a wildfire where I burnt deep enough till I got my lines right.


I wrote on everything that struck me which ultimately became a habit of relentless practice. The output ranged from absolute silliness to deeper feelings, perspectives and story-telling and ultimately led to themes on dimensions, dreams and diversity. I deliberately made time to write…I had to manufacture time amidst my academic pressures and it wasn’t a constraint to me. If I had a thought, I would pen it down with whatever material I had till I put it on paper as a part of my collection.



Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

Ogden Nash’s work on a patient’s nightmare at a dental clinic was an early inspiration before I delved into the days of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Frost, John Keats, Rudyard Kipling, P B Shelly, Lord Alfred Tennyson, William Wordsworth, W B Yeats, John Milton, William Blake, William Shakespeare, Homer, Walt Whitman, William Ernest Henley and many other classical legends.


These legends inspired and awestruck me from the moment I sifted their immortal and eternal pages…but did not motivate me to follow their style of writing. I was very keen on creating a unique writing style which was based on rhythm, flow and depth…something which took me years to establish but was worth every second I spent on it. I did gather feedback and inputs for improvement from my teachers and friends based on which I honed my skills, but it was a process of self-discovery which pushed me to the limit till I got it right…


Life experiences, elemental people and nature’s surroundings are key inspirations as well. We just need to look around and look within to seek sources of ideas that can be a small spark which can be flamed to a greater thought.


Partridge India will return with Vasanth Kumar J in part 2.

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