Partridge India Writing Tips| Science-Fiction Pt 2

Apr 13

Partridge India returns to share more tips and advice on writing Science Fiction.

Making Aliens Alien

Writing Science-Fictio
Life on Earth can be pretty strange. Imagine life on other worlds!

If you involve aliens, non-Earth based lifeforms (intelligent or animal), carefully consider how different these beings might be. There are countless factors to keep in mind when creating alien entities. How are they similar to any living things on earth? How are they distinctively different? Are they reptilian, insect-like, mammalian, avian, or an unrecognizable mixture of traits? How are the aliens suited for their home habitats?


For example, an alien from a high gravity planet will likely be incredible dense and strong. Do they breathe the same kind of air as humans or some other combination of chemicals? Are they carbon-based? How do they move, communicate, manipulate objects, and countless other questions.


Physically speaking, as there is a nigh infinite potential number of life-capable worlds, the same infinite potential applies to the forms life could take on said worlds. A master of the strange directions intelligent life can take is one Larry Niven, highly acclaimed science-fiction writer. His aliens tend to be well-detailed as to how different and unrecognizable they are from the human form.


Cultural Differences

And just as aliens can vary physically, so can they vary mentally. A key but easily forgotten concept overlooked by sci-fi writers, is how strange and different an alien entity can think. Humans have been confused and bewildered by the different cultures, practices, and ways of thinking of other humans. Imagine how odd and unorthodox to humans an alien’s mindset and beliefs could appear. Where humans might see an issue of good or evil, an alien might not even understand the concept of good and evil.


Technology and Society

Writing Science-Fiction
Robots are a popular addition and subject for sci-fi stories.

Over the course of human history, advancing technology has had drastic effects on society, trade, and warfare. Flight made long-distance travel more affordable and efficient. The internet made fast, near-instant international trade and communication a reality. These technologies and more have had effects on the shape of human history and society. How will the machines, science, and tech of your stories affect the societies and cultures of your stories?





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By Ian Smith

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