Amulya K. Mohanty, The Indian Righteousness

Sep 21

Partridge India introduces Amulya K. Mohanty, author of The Indian Righteousness.


Who is the author behind the book?

Amulya MohantyMy non-fiction  The Indian Righteousness  is my first ambitious literary-intellectual work.  I have been a serious reader in last twenty years, having interest in political economy, history, Indian psyche, philosophy, and interpretations of science. My intellectual curiosity started with understanding the Indian mind …..I landed in Quantum physics what it my speak on universe, values if any…life is awesome looking subtly.


I am a theoretician by heart. A sharp observing mind, I intimately feel, is innate in me…discovering & theorizing patterns in large radius of social world existence is the significant aspect of my intellectuality. Man is pattern, order seeking; anything that does not address theoretical strength in arguments will collapse. Physical world social world are similar. Social world has some flexibility but it lives with modernism–  the fundamental scientific truths of life like we feel hunger, cold, happiness, freedom- postmodernism lives with modernism.


Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

The present Indian society having many imperfections and confusions worries me very much and this has inspired me to write the present work.  I have given some patterns of the way Indians define right and wrong, resolve conflicts in family life to social life, democracy, development and rationality. I have made theoretical enrichment of the same with my doctrines by using a method of  literary appeal with rigor of difficult social issues accessible to general readers…with some interesting artistic illustrations of abstract patterns  given in the book.


I desire to live as a responsible writer, without creating chaos in readers’ mind…………

What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

The Indian Righteousness by Amulya K. Mohanty

Excepting values of modernism and democracy that needs to be strengthened in Indian society, all irrational impressions of British rule in Indian society that is creating tension and preventing us from becoming  true to self, should be eliminated. Indians need to fully discover their self in history- the present process of recovery from loss of self from recent  history not complete- to understand many irrationality  and to improve their sense of social mathematics.


The Indian Righteousness ultimately aims to liberate the Indian mind from many undesirable impressions of history, responsible for many obsessions, imperfections and confusions in present Indian society, on the live issues today, by making you reflect on the interesting patterns , doctrines given in the book, that may initiate debates &  very much improve  the sense of righteousness of Indians.


I would like to help the readers, write sequel to understand and answer question on my book…


My Facebook:  Amulya K Mohanty




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