The Birth of My Book – ‘Poems for All Seasons’

Aug 7


Partridge India Author Lolita Jude
Newly self-published author Lolita Jude say Partridge India has helped her “realize my childhood dream.”

Partridge India Blog welcomes Lolita Jude, another of our newest self-published authors. In her guest article she explains why the release of her book, “Poems for All Seasons,” is the realization of her “childhood dream” and how she was encouraged to pursue her talent for writing by her family and friends.

We are excited to have Lolita Jude join the Partridge India Online Community and share her inspirational story that will surely encourage any aspiring writer to become a self-published author.


The Birth of My Book – ‘Poems for All Seasons’
By Lolita Jude

I must have been in the sixth grade when I realized I had the ability to write in a manner that made people sit up and pay attention to what I had to say.

This quality was nurtured by my parents and teachers. It has stood me in good stead as a professional school teacher and a mother.

Often, I was required to write out a script for a school play or a speech for my own children.

My poem ‘An Ode to Mahatma Gandhi’ was written by me  in just 20 minutes to enable my daughter audition for a poetry recitation competition,  the following day in school , on the theme – ‘Our Great Leaders’. I had to write the poem as I had not succeeded in finding one that was suitable.

The poem was well received and the accolades my daughter received for the choice of poem, encouraged me to write at every opportunity I got.

I strongly believe in the adage ’Nothing is impossible’ if you set your mind on it.

My friends and acquaintances have always known this about me and I am amazed at the range of topics they have requested me to write about, for them. I have never turned them down and in doing so, have learned something new.

How did I think of publishing my poems?
There comes a time in a person’s life when you look at all that you have achieved or failed to do. I realized that while it made me feel good to help my friends in need, it was also important that I reached out to more people and shared my thoughts with them.

As I am closely associated with children, I thought of writing poems keeping them in mind and addressing the issues they have.  

In the month of May, 2012, during the summer vacation, I decided to set aside some time every day, to write poems. At the end of the holidays, I had managed to write 40 poems. I then decided to print my book of poems locally and distribute copies to my friends and relatives.

We all want the best in life and I was not happy publishing my poems in this manner.

So I shelved the idea for a year.

In May, 2013, during the summer holidays, once again I began discussing about self-publishing my book of poems with my family. It was ‘Mother’s Day’ and I was surfing the net when I chanced upon this self-publishing site called ‘Partridge Publishing, India’. I was curious and registered my name and details.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a mail from Partridge Publishing the very next day, that a Publishing Consultant would contact me.

That is how I began my journey to realize a dream which had seemed far-fetched at one time.

Today, just two months later, I am a published author!!!

My advice to every aspiring author
Self-publishing, especially through Partridge Publishing, is your best option. You are assured of a quality product and are kept informed every step of the way.

My Publishing Consultant, Ms. Farrina Gailey, has answered every question I had patiently and has promptly assisted me whenever I needed her help.

My Publishing Services Associate, Ms. Gemma Ramos, has spared no effort in doing all she had to present in the best possible manner, the contents of my book and the entire team at Partridge Publishing, has gone that extra mile to ensure that the book turned out the way it has.

Thank you Team Partridge, for all you have done to make me realize my childhood dream.Partridge India: Poems for All Seasons

I wish your company the success it truly deserves!!

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6 thoughts on “The Birth of My Book – ‘Poems for All Seasons’

  1. I also published my first poem book Shades of Life-A book of Poems this June. I am on the FB as Siraj Chougle

    1. Dear Nitin,

      I need your advice. I have a book on “Dhamma Paada” – a Buddhist text, ready for publishing. My book is in Marathi – verses, targeted at the Marathi speaking Buddhists; mostly followers of Dr Ambedkar. Obviously they are from lower middle class and below, ordinary people. I checked various self-publishing options, but these are all better suited for English books. They seem to have limited distribution channels in terms of retailers/ book stores. They print on orders only. That is my guess.

      What is your advice? Will it serve my purpose of publishing a book in vernacular. Also my idea is to price the book very moderately, being of religious importance . Whether self-publishing sustains moderate pricing.

      Best regards,


      I am also fascinated by poetry, have penned a few and one is included in “International Who’s Who in Poetry-2012″ by! :)

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