Pankaj Gupta tells us about “3D of Life”

Feb 5

Partridge India presents Pankaj Gupta, author of 3D of Life, who discusses his book and his inspirations.

Tell us a bit about 3D of Life . . .

We all are busy in our today’s fast life and we keep on cursing ourselves instead of appreciating our efforts which have helped us to reach the level where we are today. In our journey, we have arrived many times at crossroads where we were forced to change the path despite our willingness to continue with other path or both. In this journey, we have seen love of our beloved ones, got support or supported them and sometime made sacrifices. The title of this book, 3D (Dimensions) of Life: Love, Support and Sacrifice), talks about all these aspects of life. This is a story of an IT professional who reached to this stage after many struggles, efforts and sacrifices.


Pankaj GuptaThe theme of the book is around a small-town, middle-class boy who has many dreams and goals that he wants to achieve, but life forces him to slow down the velocity and take a look at other essential dimensions of life. He struggles to find a balance among his love, responsibility and dreams.


It talks about life of small towns, celebration of festivals, and incidents which force us to think multiple times in our lives before taking the next move in life.


Who is the author “behind” the book?


I am an IT professional, working with a leading consulting firm, having 20+ years working experience in consulting, telecom, BPO and manufacturing industries. I witnessed a major shift in corporate working style in this journey, as maximum change has come in last two decades. I worked as a Civil Engineer for the first four years of my career. During that period, I worked with skilled and unskilled labourers and watched their lives closely. After moving to IT, I worked with different categories of people whose lifestyles were totally different. In this journey, I connected with thousands of people and that makes me more nearer to the lives of various categories of people, i.e. culture, social-economic classification, caste, religion, urban, rural etc.


I belong to Orai, a small town in the Bundelkhand region of UP. My father was a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. My primary studies were in Orai and after that I studied in Lucknow — the same areas which I have explored in my debut book. I worked with Hindustan Unilever Limited, Orai, UP and JSW steel Ltd, Bellary, Karnataka as a civil engineer. In 1998, I shifted to IT. In 2006, I moved to New Delhi and since then I am working in Gurgaon, an IT/ ITeS hub of India. I worked with Genpact and Airtel as well.


I got married in 2000 to Deepti who is a finance professional but has chosen to be a  homemaker. Deepti  and I have two sons, Tanay and Tejas.


My father was very active in various cultural programs and various forms of Indian Dramas. I have seen these since my childhood, though I never thought that I would write someday. Nevertheless, over a period of time, I also got my inclination towards that.


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