Partridge India Author| Bridget White-Kumar, A COLLECTION OF SIMPLE ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES Pt 2

Nov 16

Partridge India returns with Bridget White-Kumar, author of A COLLECTION OF SIMPLE ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES.


Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

I have developed my own style of writing these recipes in my books so that they are in a simple format and I use simple English so that anyone would be easily be able to follow them. I have also done extensive research in old cook books and journals and have therefore been able to give a small write up about the history and origins of some of the old Colonial dishes in my book.


What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

Partridge India Author| Bridget White-Kumar, A COLLECTION OF SIMPLE ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES Pt 2The recipes in this book are simple and easy to follow and only easily available ingredients have been suggested. The easy-to-follow directions for preparing these old, popular, sumptuous dishes make cooking simple, enjoyable and problem-free. Hence even a beginner cook could turn out tasty dishes by following my recipes.


Are you working on a sequel to your book?

 Yes I would like to bring out a Hard Cover Edition of all my favourite Anglo-Indian Recipes culled from all my 7 books in a single Book. I’m working on it and hope to finalise it this year. Wish me luck!!!


 Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

As of now, I have no events or promotions planned for my book. I’m popularizing it on Social Media such as Face Book, Twitter, etc besides through word of mouth. I also feature it on my Blogs and website.


 What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

The whole experience is so thrilling from start to finish. However, the ultimate thrill is holding the first published copy in my hands. It’s a emotional moment.


What did you think of your Partridge experience?

I’m quite happy to publish through Partridge. They have been very helpful and co-operative. I hope to publish my next book also through Partridge India. Thank you Partridge India.



Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

My advise to aspiring authors would be to go ahead with their dreams of publishing a book and not get disheartened by rejection. The reading world is huge and every author will ultimately find a place in the sun. Self publishing Firms like Partridge not only encourage aspiring authors to get their books published but also guide them all through the publishing process besides marketing and selling their books.


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