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Aug 3

Partridge introduces Dr. Anil Patil, author of Yoga: For Health and Disease.



Partridge India Author| Dr. Anil Patil, Yoga: For Health and DiseaseIn this small book I offer very humbly my heartfelt gratitude to this ancient tradition. The book, Yoga- For Health and Disease, is meant for all and one who would be able to understand in a nutshell almost everything about ashtanga yoga. I wanted to reach out to the common man about the benefits and importance of Yoga and so I wrote a book which consists of the brief history, principles and actual contents of various activities done in Yoga while at the same time enlightening the people about the esoteric part of yoga. It is said that thoughts maketh man’s life. Hence – If one harbours happy thoughts he or she can reach the status of self-attainment.


I believe that to sustain happiness one should think of doing ashtanga yoga on a regular basis. In this world filled with worries and stress one should not only practice Pranayam but also chant Mantras. And we should make the most ofthese. These have not only given us the key to health buthave also taught us the art of living. It is said that withYoga one can go beyond the vicious cycle of birth anddeath, get extreme happiness and make life meaningful.



Who is the author “behind” the book?

Partridge India Author| Dr. Anil Patil, Yoga: For Health and DiseaseI’m a multifaceted persona, a mystic, singer musician, sketch artist,a doctor by profession – MBBS, MD, FRSTM&H(Lon.),a Pioneer of two innovative therapies – Hypno-Music therapy and Holistic and Integrated Medicine(HIM), a prolific writercontributing in the form of articles for magazines, newspapers (for eg. Bombay Times, Times of India, Indian express, Mid day and various Marathi papers like Loksatta, Maharashtra times, Sakal Papers &Lokmat) and in books – like Johnson’s Baby Mother’s Guide, authored a series of six books in Marathi language called “AarogyaVed”:

  • Viz Rogmukti  sathi Yog (Yoga-A  Cure for All Diseases),
  • Sanyukta  Upchar  Paddhati (Holistic and Integrated Medicine),
  • Zunja Mankyanchya Dhukhanyanshi (A struggle with Spinal Disorders),
  • Ladha Sandhivat   Aamvatashi (Fight with Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis),
  • Reiki – Ek Vardan (Reiki – A Boon),
  • Vandhyatva  ani Santatiprapti (Infertility and Childbearing Disorders).

I’m a recipient of various awards at the National and International levels like:

  • MD with Gold Medal For outstanding work in “Hypno Music Therapy” Medicine by Alternative Institute Alma Ata Formers USSR & Open International University, Sri lankain November 1993,
  • President of International  Holistic  Healers Association since  1993
  • Member of Saudi Society of family  and community medicine, Saudi Arabia since 1995.
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award 2007  for outstanding   individual  achievement
  • Pride of Nation- Pratlbha Sanman Award 2007,  Courtesy  the Human Resources  Development  Academy
  • All Maharashtra  Reporters  & News Writers  Association:   National Integration  Fellowship  Award 2007
  • Rashtriya  Swasthya  Sanman Puruskar  2007  by Indian Economic  Development  & Research Association
  • National Health Care Excellence Awards 2007  by Indian Economic  Development  & Research Association
  • Seva Ratan Puruskar  2008  from Vyas Creations
  • International  Gold Star Millennium  Award 2007- Meritorious  Achievement  in diverse fields of activities that immensely  contributed  to the Nation’s  Progress.
  • Member of Indian Association  of preventive  and social medicine,  Maharashtra  chapter  1992 and
  • Epidemiology  and public health initiative  Mumbai  since  1997
  • K. Excellence Award 2012 for “Excellence in Holistic  and integrated  Medicine”   –  By R.K. HIV AIDS Research and Care Center.
  • Ayurved  Chintamani  Puraskar 2013  for his contribution   and special work in Ayurveda  field. In National Seminar on Ayurveda  and Herbo-mineral  medicine.
  • Ayurved  Seva Ratna 2013  from Arogyadham   & Ayurvarta   – Thane
  • Chikista   Gaurav  Purskar  2014  for his contribution   in Health care & Wellness
  • Asia  Pacific  international   Gold Star Award  2014
  • Felicitated  for my work  in Ayurveda  & Integrated  Treatments  in International   Ayurveda   Congress,  Netherland 2015.


Partridge India will return with Dr. Anil Patil in Part 2.


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