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Dec 20

Partridge India introduces Dr. P.C. Sharma, author of GHOSTMEN: the Journey of Your Dreams



I had an ever cherish-able college life, staying for pretty long five years at college campus in City Palace at Balrampur with my mentor, my cousin, Prof. S.P. Atreya, and developed emotional attachment for the place, and fellow friends. But had to part on getting govt. service near Dalhousie in western H.P. And since then, in May’1963 never got the opportunity even to be in the area, though being in all India service, had been to almost whole of India and even to foreign lands. At the time of parting from the area, we friends had nothing to exchange but our old permanent home addresses. Soon these too became obsolete and useless, because we, almost all remained away at our service stations. Later everything changed over our long service period. Though the haunting sweet memory of the period full of adventures, achievements and sharing tough times with friends, remained dormant in busy service time, it became the big solace provider in post-retirement time hovering over the mind most of the time. So I decided to relive my college life time with most of friends by writing a fiction book albeit attributing our life events to characters, mainly P. G. college Balrampur students with the hope that some friends from the area may contact me after reading it, though this has taken ten years to say ‘hello world’ now, so late. But the hope is still there. Wish this book finds my all friends healthy, happy and high spirited as they used to be, and enjoying this reading with their grandchildren, they too reliving that life meet me. Amen.


Partridge India Author| Dr. P.C. Sharma, GHOSTMENAlso, in the old age, with rich experience and passion for literature, philosophy, natural and supernatural powers, I took to writing to share interesting experiences gathered from the people with the people of global society.


The story of this novel is the story of college life, a perennial stream in which the water – students keep on passing forward but, the college life – stream remains the same. In the story, Agastya, a final year student of Sociology master’s course of P. G. College, Balrampur, in fulfilment of mandatory requirement of his study course, to prove himself to his favorite professor, selected and decided to do a real good work on a difficult project on life of Tharu tribe of Tarai forest belt of foot region of Himalayas. He is very much scared and apprehensive, but finally get on to make it. There what the destiny unfolds for him can be enjoyed by flipping over the pages of the book.




Partridge India Author| Dr. P.C. Sharma, GHOSTMENUp to ten years of age I did not go to any school, had only informal education – reading, writing Hindi, Urdu and simple arithmetic, and lived as an element of nature in remote village amidst virgin nature. And that nature and my minute observation of it is reflected in this work also. It is surprising that even then I made career in academics. Had studied English literature, philosophy and psychology up to graduation, masters in Geography, and Education, and Ph. D. in Geography. Educational administrator as Principal of two Kendriya Vidyalyas (Central Schools) for about twelve years, and retired as Education Officer from KVS Headquarters, New Delhi. N.C.C. C-certificate, and In-charge N C C and State Secretary, KVS BS&G State. And in post-retirement phase Administrative Officer, BS&G NHQ, New Delhi. And Country Coordinator, HAPI (Healthy Adolescent Project in India) – a FHI (US) sex education project implemented in India by World Association Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) London through BS&G, New Delhi in ten districts mainly suburbs and tribes of West Bengal.


Partridge India will return with Dr. P.C. Sharma in part 2.


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