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Dec 7

Partridge India introduces Laxmi Parasuram, author of Pursuit of Freedom.


Who is the author behind the book?


Laxmi Parasuram, Pursuit of FreedomThe real author behind the book, Pursuit of Freedom, is the driving force within me to be free and different from the others around me who had blindly submitted to the power of patriarchy and wealth. It was a strictly gender and  caste based  feudal hierarchy in which we lived and there was no choice to be free and make one’s own decision with regard to one’s future. This situation led me to rebel, which was at once muted and led to alienation, anger and a struggle for expression and escape. But even the channels of expression were closed in those days and hence the book could write itself only after a review of the past, access to education and the first taste of freedom away from home.





Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?


With regard to influences on my writing this book, I might say that the conflicts and contradictions I encountered against having a simple faith in God and social codes and taking an easy path of conformity and submission generated verbal duels in the mind that had to find words for expression. In this struggle for words I have found some help from the books I was able to read and understand.  My study of  Modern Literature , particularly  the novels of Virginia Woolf  who focused on the presence of an inner reality and ‘a luminous halo’ around  external  happenings, and  the idea of symbolism that assign meanings to common  events  prompted me to see things in  a deeper light. But discovering a personal and appropriate style for my different and unusual perceptions and ideas has remained a problem and I have problems in trying to express myself clearly and definitely. I struggle with ambiguity and when I have to contend with some expressions from my own mother tongue, Tamil, and find equivalents In English I find my task more challenging. The book is not an autobiography; it has imbibed a fictional form and amplified itself on several imaginary and unverifiable details. This is to be expected, of course, considering the unreliability of memory over a period of time.





What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?


The book indeed has several messages, but the one to highlight may be the need for a general awareness of the dimensions of Freedom especially under the shadows of a globalized world in which we live. Our young people need a proper direction and guidance in coming to terms with tradition and modernity under free and egalitarian trends.





Are you working on a sequel to your book?


Yes and No ….. untamed memories swell up after a stir and  demand writing a book of memoirs   which may or may not be fiction.





Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotion planned for your book?


Pursuit of Freedom by Laxmi ParasuramSince I am a member of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, some chatlines, etc, I could inform my friends of this publication. Here in India, authors launch the publication of their books in popular bookstores and invite friends and other authors to attend and make their remarks.  The publishers send copies of the books to sell with author’s signatures. Some refreshments are distributed to the invitees. If Partridge can co-operate in such a formal event it will be nice. It is the publisher who initiates this process. This can be done in different locations and author invited to speak.





What was the favorite part of your publishing experience?


Talking to my publishing assistant and receiving e-mails from her! She seemed to be always in a hurry to get the book finished and I had to co-operate with her although under some pressure. There was an element of adventure in the whole process.




What did you think of your Partridge experience?


Partridge proved to be more reliable and committed than I initially expected.  I would now wait and watch to see how high they can fly and spread their wings far into the marketing horizon.





What advice would you give to aspiring authors?


Always go for some area or topic on which you have had personal experience. Imagination  will always be close by to lend its colors to your narrative if you are really involved in the story you want to tell.



Laxmi Parasuram




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