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Nov 30

Partridge India introduces Nicko Shoid, author of A Love Letter to Death.


 Please briefly describe your book.

Partridge India Author| Nicko Shoid, A Love Letter to DeathMy book- A Love Letter to Death is a collection of English poetry. In the Epilogue I reveal my love for Death. As a poet married to life I have an affair with my death. My desire to meet death is left unfulfilled due to the realization of responsibilities towards my life. Through the poems of varied themes, I decide to change things for good and surrender my existence as a tribute to life. As a creator I want to influence world through my creations and manage to live in them. I keep my affair with death a secret and later on confess that I would reveal it to the world once I’m sure that I would be forever alive. Through various poems, reader is made to see different shades of life- Some dark and some bright.




Who is the author “behind” the book?

Partridge India Author| Nicko Shoid, A Love Letter to DeathThis book was meant to be a surprise for my Dad- Mr. Ghanshyam Doshi who apart from being a Business man is also a good writer and writes in Hindi. He is someone who has sacrificed many of his desires for the sake of me and my siblings. I wanted to see a smile on his face because of my debut book and yes I saw it and that smile was the best return for my struggle which I had to go through to make this book possible.


Always being in the list of toppers in my school time, the so called stereotypical society expected me to take science or commerce as my specialisation, but my creative nerves drove my heart towards humanities and I opted for English specialisation. It became possible only after an effort to convince my family but I’m happy today and learnt a lesson that if you are unable to walk a path which appeals to your passion then you always feel a vacuum in your heart and luckily I don’t have to face this. I can hug my death with a satisfaction that I am living a life of my choice.




Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

There are many. They are living people I met, they are books that I’ve read and it’s the spirituality that I’ve experienced. It’s all combined together which makes me an author or poet. This is the reason that I wrote under a pen name- ‘Nicko Shoid’. Nicko Shoid is an anagram of my name- Konic Doshi. It’s a result of Konic Doshi’s interaction with this world. It’s an anonymity resultant of my identity.


Partridge India will return with Nicko Shoid in Part 2.


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