Partridge India Author| Nisha Singh, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of Senduwar

Dec 29

Partridge India introduces Nisha Singh, author of Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of Senduwar.


Please briefly describe your book

My book, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of Senduwar, is a complex murder mystery, set in the village of Senduwar, where the detective Bhrigu Mahesh, with his unique powers of perception, has to go behind the mind of the suspects and find a killer who has left only destruction in his wake. As the plot unravels, it is slowly revealed that not all that appears is true and Bhrigu has to sift through lies and deception to find the truth before it’s too late. The detective treats his work as an ongoing research into the human mind and wants to finally hold the key to unlocking it. Hence, he earns the sobriquet of ‘PhD’



Who is the author behind the book?

Partridge India Author| Nisha Singh, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of SenduwarMy name is Nisha Singh and I am a lover of detective fiction. I hold a bachelor degree in Pharmacy. I have always been a prolific reader and writer and I consider my mother, who is a great English teacher to be the greatest influence on me and also in shaping my very foundation. Also, my science background has been instrumental in seeing my work not just as a work of fiction but a scientific endevour and hence the effort is not just literary but scientific too.





Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

As I said before, I am a great lover of detective fiction; especially, the classical era. And, I guess, that love comes through in my writing as well, where I have blended the classical and the contemporary in a seamless way which sounds like poetry. Even when I was very young, and had not read a single book from the classic era, I had always had a style of writing which was uniquely my own. With time and study, I have developed and polished it.



My protagonist, Bhrigu Mahesh, is what I call the opposite of Sherlock Holmes and I could see in the reviews that the readers have as yet missed to see this. Sherlock Holmes used a superficial observation to arrive at his results but I, through my protagonist, have tried to prove that if one has not mastered the human mind, the superficial observation can often times produce a very erroneous result. My plot comes together so beautifully at the end only because the protagonist had unraveled the minds of the suspects and the mystery had no option but to solve itself on its own.



What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

The one message I would like to convey to my readers is that my book has something for everyone. It is complex not only in its plot but also in ideas. It’s a challenge waiting to be deciphered; a challenge I would like my readers to take. They will glean their own message and of that I am confident.



Are you working on a sequel to your book?

Partridge India Author| Nisha Singh, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of SenduwarI have already published my second book through Partridge, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Return of Damayanti. I am now working on my third book in the Bhrigu Mahesh series called ‘The Difficult Tenants.’









Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

I plan to base my marketing campaign on readers review. My work will be done when my readers will do the work for me; that is, spread the word to others. Until then my work is to solicit reviews on book lover’s sites like Goodreads and readers blogs and in the process know how they related to my book and which part of my book touched a cord with them. Also, I am looking forward to exploit online marketing tools and book fairs but that comes second only to reader reviews.



What was the favorite part of your publishing experience?

 The greatest part of my publishing experience was the power that I felt as a self-published author. The power to see my book exactly and I stress the word exactly as I had envisioned it. Traditional publishing takes much of that and the sheer joy that comes with total creative freedom. The sheer pleasure of seeing your book taking shape under you is a wonderful experience and anyone who is even slightly financially flexible should not let go of that power; the freedom for anything else in the world.



What did you think of your Partridge experience?

I am very grateful indeed that there are self-publishing services like Partridge that have a great team that support you in every way. I would like to compliment them because such services are the future of publishing, with Partridge at the head as it is headed in the right direction. From the time I looked up their publishing guide, I knew that this was a team that had a great organization and also that I would have professionals to collaborate and get the work done easily and in time. Also, I think Partridge understands me and what I want get done and we are in sync with each other. I would like to continue working with Partridge in the future and also congratulate them for their efforts.



What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

The one advice I would like to give to aspiring authors is that the one thing you need to have to succeed is a story which is as dear to you as your own life. If you have that, you have nothing to worry about. If you enjoy thoroughly your own work, your readers would too.



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