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Dec 7

Partridge India introduces Palak Mahajan, author of A Wayfare.

This book – A Wayfare – is an anthology consisting of seven short stories based on train journeys in India.  Every story has an element of inherent but true sordidness. Every story will leave the reader with a question to mull over. It’s a kind of a wayfare that I have planned for my readers.

Palak Mahajan


I am a 22-year-old girl who is born and brought up in a middle-class Punjabi family of four. I   have been trying to get something self-published in my name for the past four months – since the time I have completed my MBA. I won’t say that I love writing but sometimes writing becomes a necessity when something needs to be told and there is no one to listen. I am not a voracious reader but manage to get my hands on a good book now and then. I always felt that writing a book takes some kind of a genius. Knowing that I am not one, I decided to write anyway. I also blog at –

Most of the story ideas in this book are influenced by the surrounding turn-outs and the unfolding that I witness in my society. My writing style can be called simple with a skosh of influence of various authors I read intermittently.


My book itself contains many a messages; but to convey one message to my readers, I would like to quote some lines from an old Hindi song striking a chord with the essence of my book: ‘Gaadi Bulaa rahi hai..Seeti bajaa rahi hai…chalna he zindagi hai..chalti he jaa rahi hai, (The train’s horn is beaconing the eminence of the fact that LIFE IS A JOURNEY AND IT SHOULD NEVER STOP, no matter what).”


No, I am not working on a sequel to this book anytime soon; but I am not sure if some more ideas might intrigue the writer-within-me to come up with yet another anthology. I, however, would want to write a full-length novel to be published as my second book.


As far as my own efforts are concerned, I am trying to spread the word about my upcoming anthology through the Facebook page of my book and through my other social networks. Rest, my hopes on Partridge’s marketing strategies are up.


A Wayfare by Palak MahajanThe idea of getting a book published in my name was itself very satisfying. But if I have to pick and choose one part from my stint, as an author-in-making, with Partridge – it would be getting clearance through the process of content evaluation which became really time-consuming and vexing in my case. Now that my MS is on the verge of getting converted into a book, I am happy.







My overall experience with Partridge India is appreciable. Unlike many other self-publishing entities in India, everything goes in a systematic manner at Partridge. I mean from payment, MS submission, cover design, formatting, and CE to re-design – I have been treated professionally well and nicely by a bunch of co-operative consultants working at Partridge.



I, being a debutante self-published author, really don’t consider myself capable of giving advices to people more like me. I, however, would advise to choose a publisher cautiously. As far as Indian self-publishing industry is concerned, there are these mean entities in every nook and corner – calling themselves publication houses – ready to deceive aspiring authors into paying them huge money and spoiling the work and efforts done by the writers. If I have gained anything hitherto from this journey of writing and finding a publisher for my book – it’s EXPERIENCE and an increase to my knowledge for sharing it with people who might gain from it.


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  1. Seems a nice book. Would like to lay my hands on it and read. Incidentally I read all books while travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi and back by Shatabadi and this book containing tales from train journeys would make a lot of sense if read in train itself.

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