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Sep 7

Partridge India introduces Renu Mittal, author of Kashmir and Me.
Please briefly describe your book.

KASHMIR AND ME is a true story of the flood tragedy on 2nd September 2014 in Kashmir faced by lakhs of people all over Kashmir as well as the tourists around the world who had been vacationing in the valley. I with my eight other family members had also gone to the same magnificent land for holidays. This was my second trip to Kashmir. One in 1998 with my husband Anil and two kids Kashish and Parth and now in 2014 with my two nieces’ families. Our entire trip was meticulously planned but due to sudden break out of flood we all got stranded with lakhs of other local Kashmiris and tourists. We all had to face innumerable problems to survive.


In this book I have tried to paint a true portrait of the miseries the entire lot had to undergo.The evacuation process could be possible by the solidarity of our all three forces. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force along with Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Local Kashmiri people who exhibited dauntless courage and left no stone unturned to accomplish this tedious task.


My heartfelt sincere thanks to Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi who made proper arrangements not for evacuation but also for providing food for such an enormous starving crowd else the situation would have turned worst.


I am most thankful to every single soldier, jawan and officer of…. JK Police, our Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, all the staff members of CH2 Hotel, all the local Kashmiris and our Muslim brothers… It was the result of your resolute efforts that helped in saving lakhs of people from the claws of death. The gratitude to you is beyond words.

Just Salute to the Saviors!

… May Almighty shower his choicest blessings on all of you.

Who is the author “behind” the book?

Partridge India Authors| Renu MittalThe author is myself Renu Mittal. My educational qualifications are B.Com (Hons), M.Com, English Hons and now I am pursuing M.A.English.


I stay in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, India with my two sons Kashish and Parth. I lost my husband Anil Mittal on 20th March, 2001 after spending 13 splendid years together. He was a renowned Bhajan singer of Khatu Shyam ji.


Presently I run a Coaching Institute, RENU MITTAL CONCEPTS at my residence where we teach many subjects like upto 12th all subjects, Eng Hons, M.A. Eng, Toefl, Ielts, English Grammar and conversation and prepare pupils for many competitive exams.


Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

My father late Mr. Kashi Ram has always been my inspiritment behind everything who incessantly encouraged me to continue my education despite all obstacles.

Tragic Time is also the best teacher…it taught me to teach, study and write.

The book THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, ANNE FRANK is my all time favourite book in which Anne a Jewish girl has written each detail of her life when she with her family and many others were hiding themselves in an annex from Hitler. They had to spend two and a half years in extreme distress fearing death approaching each moment.


Like her when I found that we all were entrapped in the vicious jaws of the Flood in hotel CH2 in Kashmir, I reminded the same tragedy of Anne and decided if I would be fortunate enough to survive the catastrophe I would surely pen down the suffocation and sufferings of the victims.



What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

I would love to pass the message to my readers:

Partridge India Authors| Renu MittalAdversity of time can never be predicted it just approaches uninvited. There is no escape from it. One has to face that phase willingly or unwillingly. What matters is how he takes and deals with the calamity. Time can betray you any moment and leave you stand alone with thousands of responsibilities on your shoulders. At that tick trust yourself and your family.

Panic only worsens the situations but having heart to work harder and harder and keeping faith in the Almighty would not only ease the path but also make you achieve the desired destination.

Are you working on a sequel to your book?

There is no sequel to my book.



Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

I have a good network of students, their families, friends and all my kith and kin who are anxiously waiting for the completion of this book.

I am pass out from Shri Ram College Of Commerce, one of the best college of Asia, I have good links with the Principals and professors of many reputed colleges and schools who will help me in the marketing.

We are approaching good book stores as well to promote it. There are other plans also, we are working on it and would come up in a short while.


What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

My favourite experience dealing with the publishing team of Partridge was …

Every time I submitted my manuscript to them feeling it was correct in each aspect, they would be ready with another set of queries and errors, resulting me to restart the entire work.

Oh My God it totally taxed my mind and ate up more than six months reading and revising the same words but they were patient enough with me.

Partridge is undoubtedly the name that speaks for itself. It has proved its worthiness and has cooperated with me with extreme patience. Though I was new to them and many a times I felt our association won’t work as they were asking me to make this or that changes in the manuscript but after completing all stages I visualised that they indeed were the best guides.




My dear new authors what I have understood during the making of my book is that writing a book is not a cakewalk. It demands countless sleep deprived days and nights, extreme concentration and devotion to your storyline. Every passing hour will just add to your woes depressing you more and making you feel you will never ever be able to complete this complex structure. But …believe me if you won’t surrender and accept all hurdles you will certainly cherish the most aspired words…


This book is written by 


And you will forget all trauma and torture you had to undergo while fulfilling your dream.


At length my only sermon to my sons Kashish, Parth and all the readers ….


Despite all dilemma

Let your enthu never waver, be not crooked but right,

Though time will test thy toils, have heart and hold your target tight.


World may betray

Never give in vim, let not fire in your belly quiet,

Gather all your guts, march forward be it day, be it night.


See the sky is a heartbeat away

With all might demand Dhananjay to grace sight,

Dare once last, decree of fate will turn gait and thine fortune ignite.


Though thy show be slow,

You will be the one not bow but attain rainbow!






Partridge India trusts this helps

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Partridge India trusts this helps

Please make sure to check out the Partridge India site for more advice and blogs, and to follow us on Partridge India Facebook and Partridge India Twitter. For a free publishing guide click here!

20 thoughts on “Partridge India Author| Renu Mittal, Kashmir and Me

  1. Describing one’s personal experience or something as disturbing or a mishap like this requires a great deal of effort. Everytime a writer writes something he/she gives it a piece of soul into that write up. Writers feel what they write once you read a book you for real step into the shoes of the writer and see through the writer’s eyes and that is a different world altogether!
    I congratulate the author Renu Mittal on the success of her book and look forward to more such inspirational masterpiece books in the near future… !

    1. Thnk uu so mch dear Tanvi for such an appreciation. Every letter written by a mind like person adds more to our enthusiasm inspiring one to write more to meet your expectations. Gbu

  2. Maam i am greatly inspired on reading ur blog. U have done a commendable work by penning down your survival story from flood. I m anxiously waiting for the release of the book. All the very best for its success.

    1. Thnk uu so mch dear Tanvi for such an appreciation. Every letter written by a mind like person adds more to our enthusiasm inspiring one to write more to meet your expectations. Gbu

  3. What a privilege it is to be in the jaunt of knowing such an amazing author.. Renu Mittal !
    Heartiest congratulations on such a successful book release on Srcc platform.. its fantastic!!!!! No words can completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I read this book.. How could you create such a masterpiece creation which so perfectly define all your sentiments. I feel highly honored to write a few words to describe you.You are just indescribable- so pure, so patient, so humble and so so wise. It is really incredible the way you inspire everyone to attain enlightenment. You are a true inspiration.
    Get More Power! More Blessings! More people to inspire!
    With humility and respect.
    Payal Bhatia

    1. Thank you Payal for making me feel my book deserves such appreciation. The reader’s love keeps the author’s spirits up to write more.

  4. Dear Renu Ma’am..
    we all know hardwork always pays and undoubtedly it has. Our book…. Kashmir and Me.. took a long time to get published, but the mind numbing efforts and the amount of dedication you have put into it is truly mesmerising. I can still recall all your facial expressions while writing the Book. I mean I used to get shocked how patient and hardworking a person can be. This actually is a very promising surprise for me. You have been my true inspiration, the way I saw you writing, revising, editing and changing the vocabulary, finding more ways to make your book creative and interesting. Ma’am it takes a lot more than we can think to write a book of our own. Earlier we used to read novels written by William Shakespeare, Sarah, Durjoy Dutta. … now I’ll be reading Books by My sweetest teacher RENU MITTAL. It feels so honoured to hear this, now I’ll even announce my Crew to read book that’s by my Teacher. Ma’am after this you been a real Mentor.
    Words fall short to define a teacher like you who’s just so caring, loving and Hardworking .
    Keep up the good work ma’am all the very best for future. Keep writing and I would keep reading. Best of luck ma’am very warm wishes to you ma’am… I love you…

  5. Hello Renuji….it was indeed a pleasure to read your book… Kashmir and me.
    Honestly… It seemed, as though I was watching a movie…
    It’s simple… Straight from the heart and definitely a thought provoking In terms of life and it’s value….
    Tears rolled down at few points while reading…
    Kudos to Indian army and hats off to Mr Sanjay…who stood like a rock in situations…
    Anshu and Parth were great pillars of strength and the Aarav, the naughty bud kept you guys going…
    It seems so unbelievable as I read through… Someone has rightly said….Truth is stranger than Fiction… Thus, your book makes all the more interesting!
    Finally… All the best for your future endeavours…

    1. Thanks a lot dear Kunal, Payal, Deepika n Bindu for your marvellous comments, it would keep me going further in this esteemed stream of book writing..

  6. Kashmir And Me is an amazing work of Renu Mittal. It shows her gut-wrenching efforts throughout life and while escaping from flood. Superb picturisation of emotions!
    A Must Read !!!

  7. Renu ji
    Your courageous effort to deal with a difficult situation and coming out of it,floods that too in unfamiliar terrain, with your children only reminds me of JHANSI KI RANI carrying her kid.
    Bravo and hats of.

    1. Thanks a lot Mr Manoj but comparing an extremely normal being like me to the eternal soul Rani Lakshmi Bai is not justified.. She is the pride of our nation..

  8. Simply amazing!!Not easy to pen down the trauma & tragedy so beautifully…… is like witnessing the entire episode with ur own eyes…….it shud be made into a movieHats off to u Ma’m for such a master piece…….All the best for future endeavours.

    1. My sincere thanks to you Ritu.. If a writer’s writings can make a room in reader’s heart it is the greatest reward for her which no penny can ever buy…

  9. It was an honour to meet Renuji in person and to receive the book with author’s autograph. I am not a voracious reader, rather am the kind of skeptic who picks up a book in the store, read 4-5 pages in the beginning, middle and try to grasp the intention, intensity and the interest of the writer. Then I decide whether or not I would like to buy or if it is worth spending my time on it. This is my second book in the last fourteen months. First was Man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankyl. Both these books, I got through sheer chance and are not just worth reading but worth keeping it in my shelf. The books based on personal experiences are invariably convincing. The story that can moisten my eyes is the book I like the most. Besides, the author has not tried to pander to basal tastes of the readers to woo the same to become popular. The story we all could relate to yet written in her unique style. Wish her all the best. Keep inspiring….

  10. Though it’s actually really late to express my thoughts about the book, I would still like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Ms Renu Mittal for trusting me and making me the first proud reader of the book even before it was out in market. Not to exaggerate, but to be honest, this book shows that the author has put out her heart, feelings and emotions of herself. This book not only helped me know about Ms Renu, but also helped me learn not to panic and focus on finding a solution when caught in unforseen circumstances.
    Thanks Mam.

    1. Dear Ritika

      Its not you but I am too late to thank you for appreciating my work in such a wonderful manner. Trust me, a few words of appraisal from a reader’s pen are enough to provide a strong support to the sinking heart of an author who each moment anxiously awaits for the result of his zealous efforts. A heartfelt thanks to you and wish you all the success and love in life.

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