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Feb 1

Partridge India introduces Sevak, author of #MyLifeline.


About Your Book and Yourself:

Partridge India Author| Sevak, #MyLifelinePartridge India Author| Sevak, #MyLifeline#MyLifeline, is a true Inspirational story which one must have to feel and live. This Novel is for all the youth, the young generation to identify themselves, to fight against their own inner weakness, their fear of society, their shamefulness, their heavy depression, their guilt for their innocent efforts and dedication and eventually to fight against their guilt for their failures. As such there is nothing to hide from this world, from oneself.



Youth need not have to hide themselves because of their failures. They need not have to feel ashamed for themselves, for their family and for this society. This Novel will lead readers especially our youth, towards identifying their inner peace and ultimate happiness by overcoming their depression/demotivation due to their failures. Our youth can achieve everything with their true efforts, dedication and self-belief during their personal as well as professional life.


Who is the author “behind” the book?

I am an engineer by education and completed my graduation in Bachelors of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Currently working as a manager in a multinational company. By heart, from my soul, I am a Social Entrepreneur, a Motivational Speaker, a writer and a councilor. I like to explore everything, all the aspects and every part of this world. I love to travel, love sports, music, love to be a good listener of all the positive vibes surrounded me. I love to spend my time with peoples, and with my motivational, selfless words, thoughts, and acts, I love to help and support every individual around the corner and motivate them during their tough times.



Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

I have never experienced that before but when it came personally in my life then I realized a so-called word ‘depression’ due to just mere failures. Yeah, that’s true. I too became helpless and alone like others during my own failure but with god grace’s and because of my positive attitude towards life, I came out from that depression. Then I realized that there are many other people in this world who have the same black hole in their life. That’s the point, I have recalled my best buddy’s inspirational life and finally decided to spread my best buddy’s true inspirational story at every corner to help others come out from their depression. I did not let my moral down and did not let myself demotivated during my tough time, rather I have decided to motivate and help our young generation, youth, during their shaky situations by my own words, own experience through this Novel.


With my simplicity and selfless, helpful nature, I love to share all the true, innocent moments, thoughts, experiences, with proper justification to my best knowledge, to every individual around the corner, to motivate them. And that the same belief, led me towards simple English writing, with simple statements and grammar, without heavy vocabs and jargons to avoid the language barrier, to maintain the simplicity throughout to convey my understanding, thoughts and innocent intensions lying behind.



What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

Never let your moral and self-confidence down in any circumstances. Remember, failure is temporary and that is the first step to succeed in life. My dear friends, life is very beautiful, just live and love every moment, every part and every individual of it. And always keep trust on this saying: “Life lived in idealism that feels worthless often becomes an idol for someone’s life.”


There is nothing wrong to be good with everyone and to feel positive at every situation. There is nothing to lose for feeling always positive and happy about every moment in our life. So, that’s it! This show must go on!



Are you working on a sequel to your book?

Not exactly a sequel but I have written next upcoming 2 parts of this same Novel series and I am planning to release them very soon.

#MyLifeline: Part – II

#MyLifeline: Part – III



What was your favorite part of your publishing experience?

My favorite experience was marketing, social media campaign and its entire associated process viz. Book Video, Press Release, Blog article etc . . .



What did you think of your Partridge experience?

It was a great experience for a novice, debut author like me. I received tremendous help at every step of the entire publishing process. Understanding of the process, communication with customers like us was fabulous. Overall, I am happy and satisfied to have my first ever Novel to get published through a great experienced publisher like Partridge.


What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Believe in yourself. And mainly, make sure that the readers can learn and can get a great experience out of your book. Your thoughts should be towards change and betterment for this society and mankind.


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