Partridge India Author| Shivani Singhal, Room No. 904?

Oct 3

Partridge India introduces Shivani Singhal, author of Room No. 904?


Please briefly describe your book. 

Partridge India Author| Shivani Singhal, Room No. 904? Room No. 904? is a college life mystery. It is full of suspense. You can say a romantic thriller as well. It will revive the memories of one’s college life. Also, students who have to take admission in the college yet will learn a lot about the atmosphere of the college.


A teen steps into the college life at the age of 17. One is very gullible and ingenuous at that age. One is unaware of many mischievous and depraved acts that take place in the society at that age. It is only the one who is naïve in the college, whereas all other seniors are mature and fully aware of the good and bad things in the society. So, at that time, it gets challenging for one to differentiate between people.



We are alone when we enter the college premises for the first time. We have many questions, and self-doubts like- will we be able to find a good company? Will we be able to make our place in our class? Will we be able to establish a good image and attract people? There are so many ‘will we’ in our mind that connotes the pressure of new place on us.



Firstly, we are a tenderfoot, unaware of many scrofulous acts, and secondly in a disturbed state of mind. How can we make sound judgements at that time? Also, all other people that we meet are fully grown and in a stronger position than us. We don’t know whom to trust and follow. Many of us get strayed from the right course and then later, come back on the right track after learning lots of life experiences. Those experiences make us what we are today. Those experiences decide our future. The choices that we make at that time design our future.



So, this story Room No. 904? is about the college life’s struggle. A girl comes from Srinagar to Delhi for the first time and takes admission in the Law College. There are many decisions she makes; you will have to read to know where those decisions take her in life. Every chapter of the story comes with a surprising twist. We will feel that the story is getting clear with every chapter whereas it will get more intricate and entangle us in it. Every reader will feel part of the mystery. We all will walk with Tamanna in her journey.



Who is the author “behind” the book?

Partridge India Author| Shivani Singhal, Room No. 904? I am a Law Postgraduate. I studied law from the second best Law College in Delhi. I did my masters in criminal law, and during that time I wrote this novel as well. I had decided in my final year of the graduation only that I would write a novel of my own. Accordingly, I took admission in Masters and continued writing this novel.


I had made my Facebook Page ‘Love For Prose’ in my final year of the college and soon became popular with 45k followers. Today, I can promote my debut book via my Facebook page. I regularly upload motivating quotes on it designed and written by me.




Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

I am a devoted reader of thriller and mystery. I have read many mind-boggling novels. They intrigued me to a level that I developed a penchant for writing a fabulous thriller. My favourite authors who are my inspiration are Paula Hawkins, B.A. Paris and Sarah Pinborough. I aim to write something like their exceptional work.




What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

People who stay thirsty for a suspenseful mystery like me will relish this novel. It will sate their thirst for an amazing story. I am a reader myself, and every time I used to sit to complete this story, it filled me with excitement that what was going to happen next in the story. I enjoyed so much writing this mystery. You all will love it.




Are you working on a sequel to your book?

No. Not right now. This story ends with the climax. But yeah, as life goes on, a new chapter can begin in Tamanna’s life in the future.




Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

No. I do not have any such ideas for promotion. I have faith in the story that whoever will read it, will surely recommend it further. It is my first novel, so I myself want to see the response of the people. But surely, I am trying my way best to make people aware of this novel, so that they read it.




What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

I would say the moment my publishing house Partridge started treating me as an author is my favourite part. When I was writing this story, I dreamt of becoming an author. The day my work went for the publishing, I got the title of the author. That feeling is so good. It is beyond words I am sure for every writer.




What did you think of your Partridge experience?

One word- Wonderful. I signed the contract on 21st August, and Partridge published my book by 25th September. In a month, they have evaluated and edited the manuscript, designed the covers, and got them approved by me. They are very cooperative and efficient in their work, I must say. Their way of working is professional and well organised. I was given a consultant at every stage of my book.




Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

I want to tell them to focus on their story and writing skills. Try to refine your manuscript and make it as best as possible. All other things will happen then, on their own. If you have a good story, then you will find a suitable publishing house. And do not settle for a less deserving publishing house, keep striving for the best because your first novel matters a lot for your career. I have seen many writers that they in their impatience or urgency settle for a less deserving publishing house and then regret a lot later on.



I waited for 3 and a half months for a good publishing house. Many other houses had also approached me before Partridge, and with two houses, I even reached the stage of signing the agreement. But, whenever my heart told me, that, no, they are not good for you and your work, I stopped immediately and started looking for a better opportunity. But I didn’t compromise with my work at any cost. I always thought, so what, it will come out a little late in the market. But it should come out through the best source possible. 


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