Partridge India Authors| Gurkirat S Aulakh, Beauty unto Eternity

Sep 13

Partridge India introduces Gurkirat S Aulakh, author of Beauty unto Eternity, which has been published as of January of 2017.


Briefly describe your book?
Beauty unto Eternity scans through the elegance of nature, beauty of physique, beauty of relations, philosophical inquisitiveness of the mind & a few social messages.


Who is the author behind the book?
Partridge India Author| Gurkirat S AulakhThis is my own original work. I have penned my thoughts & imaginations. Professionally, I am an orthopedic surgeon, running my own hospital, serving the rural masses.

Which influences have inspired you?
Human mind is always preoccupied with thoughts, which can at times over stress it. Imagining the beauty & nature with a virtual tour drifts the soul out of the bodily self & the mind is enriched with its dose of fresh nutrients. That reflects in my style as if I am actually visualising .Same is true for emotions. One has to feel to describe.


What is the message to your readers?
I feel there is something for every soul.


Are you working on a sequel?
Only God knows ! I have written 8 poems, post publication.


Are there any promotional events for your book?
It’s for Partridge to take care. I believe in ”word of mouth ” as the best tool which I adopt in my clinical practise also.


What was the favourite part of publishing experience?
Beauty unto Eternity by Gurkirat S AulakhClicking images for your own poems.


What did you think of the Partridge experience?
Great, professional streamlined approach.


Finally what advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Let the originality of your heart speak out with all sincerity.



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