Partridge India Author| Shruti Amrita, Varasyar- The Temple Servant

Dec 28

Partridge India introduces Shruti Amrita, author of Varasyar: The Temple Servant.

Please briefly describe your book.

Partridge India Author| Shruti Amrita, Varasyar- The Temple ServantMy book is titled “Varasyar: The Temple Servant”. It talks about the life of a woman born at the turn of the twentieth century in a small Kerala village.  Her life revolved around her mother and the temple she served in till the Indian Independence movement swept the country.  She discovers love and passion as she falls in love with an Indian Independence rebel who is determined to lead his country to freedom.

The first chapter of the book begins with the line “Everyone experiences loneliness, some feel it more than others and some mask it more than others.”


Synopsis of the book: 

This is the story of a temple servant- a Varasyar. The story of a young girl subjected to hatred by her family. A childhood filled with her mother’s love, a secret love for her neighbor Bharathan and a friend Savithri, kindness shown by a few and taunts of others. The Varasyar-Radhamani has a life filled with early loss and sadness till she meets Balakrishnanair, a young and passionate man who gets involved in the Indian Independence movement.

A beautiful poem penned down by a teacher sets each of their lives on to irreversible paths. A secret society, an uprising and a rebellion twist and turn life at Puzhayorakaavu where Radhamani lives. Heartbreaks and mementos of an unfulfilled love are cherished hidden in an iron trunk. A promise leaves her wondering if Balakrishnanair really loved her despite everything. Can an ordinary woman lead a Revolution? Can true love really survive it all?



Who is the author “behind” the book?

Shruti AmritaI am a twenty three year old Software Engineer living in Cochin, Kerala. I have a deep passion for Kerala history and literature. I am a voracious reader and I read anything from travel magazines to Shakespeare. Some of my favorite authors are R.K Narayanan, Madhavikutti, Jane Austen and J.R.R Tolkien.  I love spending time close to nature and love travelling.

Chocolate lover, book worm, thinker, dreamer.


Which influences have inspired you, with regard to your writing style and your book itself?

 The Indian Independence movement in itself is a saga of sacrifice, perseverance and heroism. I am inspired by it just as much I am inspired by family legends about Hindu temples.  The book “Varasyar: The Temple Servant” is different from other historical fiction books because it has the element of reality in its chapters.  I am also inspired by readers who are searching for a good story.


What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

Eventually all of us find our forever happily after, some find it easier than others but we all find it in the end. It need not always be a straight path-it could have ups and downs, turns and twists. But I promise you it is there waiting for you.

Thank you kind readers for your wonderful feedback and love. “Varasyar: The Temple Servant” is ranking high on Amazon bestsellers and praised on social media only because of your wonderful support.


Are you working on a sequel to your book?

 I have some ideas for another book.


Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Varasyar: The Temple Servant has been featured in Indian and USA newspapers which helped in getting the word out to more readers. There are various promotions going on like media interviews and book club readings.


What was your favourite part of your publishing experience?

 I enjoyed working with Partridge India. They made even the hard parts seem easy. I love reader feedback and hope that my book in some way has changed your life for the better.


What did you think of your Partridge experience?

Partridge is dependable and dedicated when it comes to supporting an author. I personally loved the way that they guided me through the process of publishing my book. It was hassle free and fun. I have to thank my publishing consultants who answered my million queries patiently and dealt with my requests perfectly.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

It is not always easy for us as authors to reach our readers. It requires a lot of perseverance and dedication. If you get a few hundred rejections-don’t worry that is normal. I believe that the world needs good stories and I hope you can contribute to it.



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