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Feb 16

Partridge India introduces Purnima L. Toolsidass, author of Dare To Say I’m Happy.


The Title of my book is Dare To Say I’m Happy.


Dare to Say I'm Happy by Purnima L. ToolsidassThe influences that lead to this book were mainly the experiences of a lifetime (74 years!) with a variety of interests and a deep desire to use my life fruitfully. All through my teens – even earlier – I was dissatisfied with the answers adults gave me whenever I asked about things that did not seem ‘right’. I was rebuked for questioning God, questioning the hypocrisy I saw all round, the injustice in social conditions, people’s callous attitude towards other species, etc. I found the answers I sought when I met my Guru, Swami Akhandanand Saraswati, listened to his talks and saw his willingness to explain even the most childish perplexities I placed before him.



I began to understand that my happiness, satisfaction, tranquility, self-image etc are all subjective and a matter of perspective. Delving deep into the whys and wherefores of existence fascinated me. It took me many years to obtain a glimmering of how I have the capacity to choose how to react to both favorable and adverse situations. I saw happiness in the lives of people (and animals) who had so little to be happy about, and acute unhappiness in the lives of people who had so much to be happy about!



I want to share what I have learnt, so that others can benefit from my experiences and struggles, and learn that we all have scope for happiness if only we learnt how to exercise this choice.



Purnima L ToolsidassMy own preference is for the easy, conversational style used by my Guru, who influenced me into writing in that style. I believe it is infinitely preferable than heavy, cumbersome language and long technical words!



I  don’t plan a sequel to Dare To Say I’m Happy, but I have started a series of quiz-like chapters that will help the reader to analyze for himself/herself, thereby learning to dispel mental confusion or indecision, and set his/her own goal in life. I plan to call it ‘Self-Sudoku.’



I feel diffident to offer advice to aspiring authors, but I would certainly like to make an appeal to them, and all others. My appeal is – there is already too much suffering in this world; please don’t spread gloom and negative feelings. Please encourage idealism and faith in the eternal values of goodness and compassion. It is sad when people turn to cheap thrills and lurid horror stories. They may make a lot of money, but the legacy they leave behind is one of depression; and the world has never needed idealism and compassion as greatly as in present times.



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