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May 31

Partridge India is very pleased to introduce Sukanya Sengupta, author of Beyond The Passage of Time.


Please briefly describe your book.

Title: Beyond the Passage of Time

Beyond The Passage of TimeMedical students Piya and Joy, who are poles apart, are inseparable friends in college. Then Piya meets an impressive journalist, Abir and her world alters leaps and bounds. Just when Piya decides who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, she witnesses a gruesome crime dealing in organ trade. Gradually she realizes who is the brain behind all these. This deep dark secret leaves her scarred. Who could it be? How does Piya handle it? How will she resolve it all?


It is the story of friendship, love and betrayal in the backdrop of crime and pathos woven intrinsically with passion.


Who is the author “behind” the book?

Sukanya SenguptaI was born in an elite and cultural family. Education always was a priority over other things in the environment that I grew up in. As a kid I was urged to read a lot of story books besides being taught to paint, sing and play musical instruments. Naturally, I started growing fond of all things creative. Reading was an integral part of my growing up and as I grew further, I took to writing, which was only a natural succession to reading as much as I did. I started with writing a diary. Having stayed away from my hometown and my grandfather, I used to write hand written letters to him. Then came blogs and articles in various magazines, which finally culminated in a deep desire to write a novel.


I did my graduation in Information Technology, but did not quite enjoy it. I decided to do something that will hone my creative skill and help me make a mark for myself outside the IT business. Then my grey cells made me realize that Management is my calling. Two years hence, I completed my PGDBM in Marketing from a premium B-School and got campus placed in one of the financial giants in India. I worked in Marketing and Business Strategy for almost a decade before calling it quits to take care of my daughter. While in the break, I thought what better way to utilize my time than to do what I love doing the most – writing. And the result is Beyond the Passage of Time.



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Partridge India will return with Sukanya Sengupta in Part 2.



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