Partridge India Author| Yoginder Sharma, Musings of a Military Maverick

Jun 5

Partridge India introduces Yoginder Sharma, author of Musings of a Military Maverick.


Musings of a Military Maverick is the first book-form expression of my creative impulse . I am responsible for all its flaws and credit for its publication belongs to Partridge.


It is a simple, and somewhat unexciting, narrative with no claim to a racy tempo, multiple highs and a climax! In fact, it does not even have a planned plot-line, as real life is not plotted by humans- it has a mind, and a Maker, of its own!


If my approach seems unconventional, it is because I have no literary background. It is my first foray into writing anything other than military papers or articles for professional journals. I am a military veteran with 40 years of experience of soldiering in peace and war. For more information about my personal and professional life, do read my Musings!


Musings of a Military Maverick by Yoginder SharmaThe inspiration for narrating our story came from my wife, Despina. She kept  exhorting me to record and ‘pass on’ the legacy of our life and times. I kept hedging as I have no pretensions of being a Napoleon, and even less of a narcissist.In recent years I began to see that lack of roots-awareness is a major cause of dilution of family cohesion and continuity. Our story- of two  souls from different worlds living in harmony for over 50 years- seemed worth sharing, especially in times when families fragment so easily and identity-based conflicts are raging all over!


My writing style is naturally influenced by my military background- clipped and crisp; some find it jerky (non-flowing)? Hopefully, my thoughts are deeper and more perceptive! Our styles and persona do evolve from our unique backgrounds and ‘being-ness’.


I find it difficult to identify ‘one main’ message- so I am sharing two:-


(a)   ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbkam’- all mankind is one family. All ‘identity and belief-based’ differences are man-made and can be harmonised.


(b)   The ‘little man’ (includes the underdog or underprivileged and the proverbial ‘tortoise’) can still win, despite all odds. So, never give up!


As for a sequel- maybe? I have left the window open by not covering the experiences of the last six years of my military career and an eventful post-service period. But a firm affirmative at this age feels a bit fanciful and presumptuous!


I have left all marketing to the Partridge team and my family and friends. My publishing experience has been smooth and marked with cordial interactions, despite the irksome/repeated insistence on signed certificates of approval! I am especially impressed with the quality of editing and composing and speedy response to my request for timely receipt of books.


I do not believe it is my place to offer advice to aspiring authors being a first-timer;  except to reiterate a cliché ‘ you have to jump into the pool to learn swimming’.


Partridge India trusts this helps

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One thought on “Partridge India Author| Yoginder Sharma, Musings of a Military Maverick

  1. Family roots and legacy may not be a subject of natural interest to most youngsters but as age progresses it does become a matter of curiosity to some, as it did in my case. So when the author, my father, decided to pen down some major parts of his life experiences, I was excited. Through much prodding and encouragement from friends and family his book ‘Musings…’ has emerged as not just an interesting work on family history and professional memories but also a treasure trove of lessons and earthy philosophy that I feel any reader can connect with. Although the author claims it is not racy, I discovered it was pacy enough to hold the attention of even my pre-teen son. A must read book written by a global soldier-citizen! Looking forward to his strategic experiences as a sequel!!

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