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Dec 12

Partridge India has seen all kinds of new books released in 2018, and wants to share the Good News!


Ajit Mani follows the adventurous pursuit of an infamous lost treasure across history in The Nawab’s Tears. In Room No. 904, Shivani Singhal is a college campus mystery that uses the horror of suddenly living a strange place with which one is unfamiliar. Colonel Sudhir Jee Sharma introduces to the lighter side of soldiery in Military Anecdotes, sharing humor and experiences from all aspects and branches of military life.


And here’s what authors are saying about their experience with Partridge India!

 Ajit Mani, The Nawab’s Tears

Partridge India Author| Ajit Mani, The Nawab’s TearsI had the most courteous and prompt service from Partridge executives. I was very impressed by the speed at which the process advanced, taking full advantage of modern technology.









Shivani Singhal, Room No. 904

Partridge India Author| Shivani Singhal, Room No. 904?One word- Wonderful. I signed the contract on 21st August, and Partridge published my book by 25th September. In a month, they have evaluated and edited the manuscript, designed the covers, and got them approved by me. They are very cooperative and efficient in their work, I must say. Their way of working is professional and well organised. I was given a consultant at every stage of my book.








Ashok Kumar Sood, Philosophy of Life

Partridge India Author| Ashok Kumar Sood, Philosophy of LifePartridge experience is very good, prompt and thoroughly professional.











Anju Nair, Pihu: Story of a Little Girl

Partridge India Author- Anju Nair, PihuPartridge has been helpful in providing guidance on how to get the book published and in offering suggestions on marketing. Partridge provided me with an entry into the literary world.








Sailee Brahmee, Loving a Soldier

Partridge helped me out often when I faced a block and could not produce anything. They gave me that much needed push that was needed to complete the book and present it to readers.









Colonel Sudhir Jee Sharma, Military Anecdotes

Partridge India Author| Colonel Sudhir Jee Sharma, Military AnecdotesGood guidance and exposure to a very wide platform.







Dr. Anupama Rajesh, (co-author) Treatise- The London Diaries

Partridge India News| Good News 2018This is my 4th book with the publishers, and I am very satisfied with their end to end services.










Eric Trott, Thoughts and Poetry from the Soul

Partridge India Author| Eric Trott, Thoughts and Poetry from the SoulI think the two words I would use to describe Partridge Publishing are, Professional and Prompt. They are generally very professional in all their interactions and extremely prompt in their responses and follow-up.







Partridge India trusts this helps

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