Partridge India Good News- Summer 2016

Sep 9

The summer season is drawing to a close, with a wide variety stories, novels, and books. The past summer’s Partridge authors have showcased their range and variety through a cavalcade of books, including children’s stories, memoirs, and adventure. As such Partridge India wants to share some Good News in the form of new and interesting titles, as well as testimonials from recent authors.


Debadrita Jana’s Mind on Paper engages readers in written snapshots of daily life, while Laxmi Parasuram’s Pursuit of Freedom follows the struggles of a young Indian girl seeking out the American Dream. In A Teenager’s Death, S.R. Shanbhag argues about the anxiety- driven lifestyles of present-day teenagers, primarily through poems, descriptions, and prose. Join Girish Rathna on an adventure filled with terrible doomsday devices, ancient cults, and a team of heroes in The Ein Stein S.O.S. And don’t forget to enjoy the adventures of Percival the Pig as he tries to save his lost love, in Rajiv Chopra’s Percival.



Yoginder Sharma, Musings of a Military Maverick

Musings of a Military Maverick by Yoginder Sharma“My publishing experience has been smooth and marked with cordial interactions… I am especially impressed with the quality of editing and composing and speedy response to my request for timely receipt of books.”




Sangita Nambiar, From Within The Brink

From Within The Brink“Partridge India were approachable and keen to help!”






Rajiv Chopra, Percival

Percival by Rajiv Chopra“I loved the Partridge experience. It is seamless, friendly and extremely well managed.”





Girish Rathna, The Ein Stein S.O.S.

The Ein Stein SOS by Girish Rathna“It was one of the best experiences for me. To work with some of the best professionals in the industry and to feel like a team, a family is indeed a great experience.”




Laxmi Parasuram, Pursuit of Freedom

Pursuit of Freedom by Laxmi Parasuram“Partridge proved to be more reliable and committed than I initially expected.  I would now wait and watch to see how high they can fly and spread their wings far into the marketing horizon.”




S.R. Shanbhag, A Teenager’s Death

A Teenager's Death by S.R. Shanbhag“I had a great experience working with Partridge! Everyone was very kind. Thank you Partridge for this opportunity!”




Rajiv Rai, The State in the Colonial Periphery

The State in the Colonial Periphery by Rajiv Rai“It’s awesome and genuine — it’s worth working for.”





Debadrita Jana, Mind on Paper

Mind on Paper by Debadrita Jana“In one word: excellent. My publishing consultants were very helpful in explaining the processes involved in translating Mind on Paper from a collection of Word documents on my PC to an actual book. They were quick to follow up on my queries and gave me timely reminders to send in important documents. It was all smooth sailing and now my book is published!”



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