Partridge India| Good News Summer 2017

Aug 8

Partridge India celebrates Summer 2017 with Good News of new authors and new books. This summer’s releases include poetry, thrillers and mysteries, self-help and scholarly analysis.


Share in Nicko Shoid’s love affair with death, through his poetry anthology A Love Letter to Death. A man successful business and marriage leads a double life, and as a result finds himself haunted by a terrible force in The Wailing by Kalim AnsariNisha Singh tells story of a detective on the trail of a destructive murderer as part of his study of the human mind in Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of Senduwar. Dr. Bhavena Saxena explores relatively untouched aspects of a famous poet and her work through Emily Dickinson: A Pictorial Artist.





Partridge India Author| S. Chitrai Kani, Shape Your Life: Body and MindSo far, it has been good and professional.





Dr. Bhavena Saxena, Emily Dickinson: A Pictorial Artist

Partridge India Author| Dr. Bhavena SaxenaGreat experience. They, almost holding my finger, took me to my destination. They helped with all the patience and encouragement. I am highly obliged and grateful to them.




Nicko Shoid, A Love Letter to Death

Partridge India Author| Nicko Shoid, A Love Letter to DeathIt’s the best exposure and platform for budding authors. The support I received from Partridge would be remembered forever. My publishing consultant was patient enough to deal with the delay in my manuscript. I owe a lot to her.



Kalim Ansari, The Wailing

Partridge India Author| Kalim Ansari, The WailingMy experience with Partridge was great. I wish I could name the people I interacted with and thank them. They were cordial and professional in their services. They diligently followed up with me and saw to it that my dream turned into a reality.



Nisha Singh, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of Senduwar

Partridge India Author| Nisha Singh, Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Witch of SenduwarI am very grateful indeed that there are self-publishing services like Partridge that have a great team that support you in every way. I would like to compliment them because such services are the future of publishing, with Partridge at the head as it is headed in the right direction. From the time I looked up their publishing guide, I knew that this was a team that had a great organization and also that I would have professionals to collaborate and get the work done easily and in time. Also, I think Partridge understands me and what I want get done and we are in sync with each other. I would like to continue working with Partridge in the future and also congratulate them for their efforts.




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