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May 4

Partridge India author Nithin Purple and his novel Venus and Crepuscule have recently been featured in the 21st of April issue of The New Indian Express.


Nithin Purple is an Indian poet, storywriter, and artist, who delivers his own style of romantic and insightful poetry and stories through his mesmerizing works. He follows a conventional vogue of literature, but committed with nature and its various elements. Visionary and motivational quest-oriented topics were keenly selected throughout his literature. Some of his other published works include Halcyon Wings—These Passions Feathers Are Gathering on a Winged Vision (2014) and The Bell Ringing Woman —A Blue Bell of Inspiration (2015).


In his anthology of poems, Venus and Crepuscule, the poet silently revenges a prideful society as he puts his rhyme one after another onto the paper. Blood drips from his pen as he writes under an extremely agitated mind. Nothing makes him happy except his solitary state. He travels at times when he gets the opportunity to collect beauty from the surrounding nature. Curiosity sparks from his brain to research and lights the lamps of visions. When the poet finds that the bitter world has ignored him, it is then that sadness captures his mind. It is then that darkness and dread visions follow him. Each poem he composes begins to live in its own truth as they are flavoured with his experiences of life.


By blending his mind’s conceived elements of both charm and gloom, the poet delivers to the world his fine lyrical work. He details, with notes below every poem, the cause of its invention.


The full article can be read here.


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