Partridge India presents a book review of Shetall Ramsinghani’s “The Golden Hour”

Aug 12

Partridge India is delighted to present a book review of Shetall Ramsinghani’s The Golden Hour. The review is published in Rural and Marketing magazine, July 2014, page 57.


Onkareshwar Pandey

Partridge India
Shetall Ramsinghani

Everyone cannot have the same kind of writing style. Everyone has a different flavour of writing stories. But Shetall has a unique style of storytelling. She writes less, but speaks a lot, she speaks less, but communicates a lot, and she expresses less but shares a lot. I told her, I have literally no time to read her book. But when I started, I finished 3 chapters in one go. And I can tell you with confidence, I was not reading her book, but was like moving with her in different time zones, places and became part of the events she narrates as stories in her book. Yes, Shetall is a unique writer and she proves herself masterful with a writing style of her own and special.

The Golden Hour is the second book of Shetall Ramsinghani which has short imaginary stories of what she has seen and observed. The Golden Hour is a varied and exciting collection of short stories with situations we face in our daily lives in cities from urban to rural. Some have the irony of life and some stories give you the strength and positive energy to move ahead, no matter how life treats you. For example, she has written a story of a young girl who stays in village and how the sparkle of the country side changes her life. She has dedicated her book to her late grandfather Shri Gopal Das Ramsinghani who retired as an Auditor from the Government of India and passed away in August, 2013. The one who taught her how to live life with morals. “A writer first gets pregnant with thoughts which she chooses to nurture by writing then comes the time when she gets labour pains it is the time of printing and designing after so much of hard work she gives birth to her creation to the world. Here I am doing the same. Hope you would love and appreciate my second baby i.e The Golden Hour,” says Shetall after the publication of her book.

Shetall Ramsinghani was born and bought up in Delhi and presently working for a diplomatic mission, i.e. a foreign government, for their India office.

She had completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University. Her first book, Love beyond Veils, was a book of poems which she created with her thoughts and from the guidance of her higher self. Later on, she started participating in various competitions and won UK Pet Poetry Competition in 2013.

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